Laser Procedures

Dr. Berzin offers many types of procedures to enhance the appearance of your face and skin. Laser and Chemical procedures are commonly used to alter the effects of aging or blemishes to the skin.

A Chemical Peel is done to improve the texture and smoothness of the facial skin. The outer, damaged layers are removed, leaving the skin more vibrant and increasing your self confidence.

Laser Resurfacing is most commonly done to minimize the appearance of lines, especially around the mouth and eyes. A laser is used to remove areas of the face with damaged or wrinkled skin.

Another type of laser procedure is the laser hair removal. Most commonly used to remove facial hair for extended periods of time, it is also effective in areas such as armpits, face, legs and back.

For uneven skin pigmentation there are a few options you can explore. Each has it’s own benefits and will be discussed with you in your initial consultation.

Dr. Berzin prefers to meet with any patient at least twice before performing any type of surgery. Call today to setup your initial consultation.