Otoplasty – Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery Can Enhance Your Appearance

If you have an issue with misshapen or protruding ears, cosmetic surgery is a possible solution. This procedure, termed otoplasty by the medical community, can effect positive changes in the contour, size and position of your ear. It works well in a variety of different cases, whether a congenital defect is present or damage to the ear was sustained later in life.

This type of plastic surgery can reform the ear into a pleasing shape, giving a sense of proper proportion to the facial region. Even reversing small defects in the structure of the ear can yield large dividends in both the patient’s self-esteem level and heightened physical appearance.

The full list of conditions ear surgery can correct is as follows:

    • Oversize ears – termed macrotia
    • Ears which protrude unnaturally, either bilaterally or only on one side – this is structural in nature only, and no problems with hearing is present.
    • Unsatisfactory results of an ear surgery performed in the past.

Is Otoplasty The Best Option For Your Situation?

The proper reason for seeking out this surgery, is to correct issues with your appearance. If the form or shape of your ears bother you, or cause you to be self-conscious, otoplasty could be the solution.

In terms of performing cosmetic ear surgery in children, there are several factors to consider. They need to be:

    • In good health overall, free of any systemic and serious diseases or ear infection.
    • At least 5 years old, the age at which cartilage solidifies to the point where surgical intervention is possible.
    • Willingness to listen to instructions by the medical staff.
    • The ability to express their feelings about ear surgery, with no negative feedback about this topic.

Teenager and adults who possess these qualities are excellent candidates:

    • In good health overall, free of any systemic and serious diseases which could slow the healing process.
    • Don’t smoke tobacco.
    • People with firm objectives in place for their appearance post surgery.

If enhancing your appearance through otoplasty, or ear surgery, is an option you would like to explore further, please contact our office anytime. Dr. Berzin and his staff are here to answer your questions via phone or email daily. We look forward to helping you lead a happier, more carefree life.