Plastic Surgery Body Procedures

Plastic surgery techniques to improve the body of a patient include many different types of procedures. Dr. Berzin will help you decide what will best fit your body type,
your health and your lifestyle. The different body procedures fall into these categories:

Dr. Berzin uses liposuction procedures to help reshape specific areas of the body. This is done by removing excess fat deposits and helps improve your body contours and

An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck allows for the removal of excess fat and skin. In most cases weakened or separated muscles are restored, creating a smoother and firmer

A mini-abdominoplasty is much less invasive and normally involves a shorter recovery period. If your fatty area is limited to the area below the belly button this less
complex surgery may work for you.

The body lift procedure allows you to improve the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports fat and skin. In this procedure, your excess sagging fat and skin
are removed as treatment for conditions caused by poor tissue elasticity.

Whatever type of procedure you are interested in you can contact us today and setup an appointment for your initial
consultation with Dr. Berzin.