Body Contouring – Excess Skin Removal after Massive Weight Loss

Body contouring surgery for excess skin removal after massive weight loss can be a sensitive subject. Some people feel that there is a stigma attached and that only those who are unattractive or have flaws are in need of cosmetic procedures. Unfortunately, this keeps some from seeking out cosmetic procedures that could really change their lives. Remember that the purpose of any cosmetic procedure or body contouring is not to make you into someone else but rather to make you the best version of yourself. There is no shame in seeking cosmetic surgery to improve the way that you look and to enhance the way you feel about yourself.

While many view bariatric surgery as an understandable necessity for health reasons, many of these same people do not appreciate the need for elective cosmetic procedures afterward. In truth, there is little difference between the two. What many do not understand is that those who lose a significant amount of weight, whether as a result of bariatric surgery or through other means, often have significant amounts of excess skin hanging from the body afterward. In many cases, the decision to have this excess skin removed is just as much a practical and physical need as an aesthetic one. Often, cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin is a natural step that follows bariatric surgery or other extreme weight loss.

In addition to making people feel unattractive, excess skin is uncomfortable and can actually physically restrict people from living the lifestyles they envisioned after weight loss. Of course, along with this, those with excess skin feel emotionally restricted, because they cannot wear certain clothing or be free to participate in certain activities because of the extra skin that will be noticed by others, but what many fail to recognize is the physical difficulties that others experience as a result of their excess skin.

Having the strength and motivation to go through extreme weight loss is something that should be celebrated, but many people become discouraged afterward because they are still unable to show themselves in public and participate in the activities they want to be able to do, and others do not understand why.

If you know someone in this situation, take some time to view pictures of the excess skin that often hangs off the body after weight loss. The amount, of course, will vary, depending on the amount of weight lost and other factors. Many people do not end up needing surgery for excess skin, but a good number of people do. Looking at pictures will help you to understand what those close to you may be experiencing. Just the same, if you have found yourself in this situation, looking at pictures of others facing the same thing will help you to realize that you are not alone and that others have gone through the same issue with excess skin.

When the majority of the weight lost comes from the stomach area, it can be especially difficult for people to do physical activities because of the weight and physical inconvenience of the excess skin. The amount can be so extreme that it is difficult to fit into clothing and can be very uncomfortable to participate in exercise, sports and other physical activities.

After going through extreme weight loss, why not follow through and give yourself the gift of being the best version of yourself that you can be? Planning for the possibility of post-weight-loss cosmetic surgery is a smart step to take. Contact Dr. Berzin today to discuss your options for moving forward.